Are you a multi-facility owner trying to grow your business profitably but feeling overwhelmed by your finances?

We’ve provided over 400 facilities across 31 states with highly sophisticated and integrated solutions to improve their business operations, helping them achieve significant and consistent growth and success in a highly competitive industry.
And we’d love to do the same for yours.

Don’t hire AGS

  • Deal with the stress + headaches of handling all your finances in-house, leaving less time to grow
    your business.
  • Suffer from lower collections, haphazard AR efforts, and unhappy vendors.
  • Remain in the dark about your true financial status, leading to cash flow nightmares.
  • Fail to address staffing problems until it’s too late and overpay in staffing costs as a result.
  • Overspend in the thousands on services, supplies, and medications.

Hire AGS

  • Let us leverage our billing and financial expertise for you, so you can spend time growing your business.
  • Gain peace of mind knowing that over 99% of claims will be efficiently processed and collected.
  • Make better business decisions with critical data reports that help you anticipate your cash needs and hit your targets.
  • Stay in your perfect staff-level sweet spot, reducing staffing costs and not paying too much overtime.
  • Save thousands as we aggressively negotiate lower pricing and terms for you on services, supplies, and prescriptions.

Hiring Apex Global could be the smartest thing you do for your business. Still on the fence? Give us a call, and we’d be happy to answer all of your questions and provide a customized quote.

Finally take control of your finances with revolutionary solutions designed to help you grow your profits and make better decisions at every level.

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