Purchasing & Cost Containment

Purchasing & Cost Containment

We aggregate the purchasing power of our client base to aggressively negotiate advantageous pricing and terms for our customers across a wide array of services and supplies.


Since we buy under a Group Purchasing Organization, we are able to leverage our buying power to get you great discounts for a wide array of services and supplies for your facility. We negotiate contract prices based on industry benchmarking knowledge, which is done upon contract renewal and throughout the year.

Purchasing & Cost Containment

We proactively review contracts to ensure you get the best pricing with the best vendors when purchasing products for your facility—including food, equipment, housekeeping and cleaning items, linens, maintenance, nursing, and office supplies. We also audit your usage data to identify potential over-usage and wasted resources; then we work with you and your vendors to rectify the situation, resulting in significant savings.

Pharmacy Cost Containment

We enable facilities to capture savings in real time with our highly advanced, proprietary software that constantly monitors prescriptions that will be billed to you and automatically finds you opportunities for cost savings.

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