Jacob Karmel


I’m Jacob,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With an over 12-year-long career in financial management within the Skilled Nursing industry, Jacob Karmel has helped hundreds of facilities optimize systems and processes and identify solutions to complex, multi-faceted challenges.

Jacob’s approach lies in his dual talent for seeing the big picture and honing in on the details to help SNFs operate most efficiently and effectively. In his role, Jacob is known as a mentor to many, with a sixth sense for recognizing and building the talent of those around him. His philosophy is rooted in the experience of being on the receiving end of opportunities before he was necessarily ready for them—and he believes in giving others the same trust and opportunities. Jacob spends much of his free time teaching and guiding others on business and best practices in the healthcare industry and beyond. He lives with his wife and six children in Monsey, NY.



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